How to Be Dumb and Stay that Way

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. ~ Proverbs 12:15

In life you are going to find two types of people:

  1. Those who will learn from the counsel and example of others.
  2. Those who will run head long into just about every foolish disaster they can find.

As matter of example of what not to do I would like to lay out a list things you should do to be dumb and remain that way.

  1. Pride. To line yourself up for truly Titanic mistakes you should work on bolstering your ego as much as humanly possible. Tell yourself, “No one else understands my circumstances and they certainly can not lend me sound advise.” Think often about how much smarter you are than others, by doing so you will find it easier to dismiss the advise of others. When you are proven wrong, this is no time to back down, it is time to double down and attack. It goes without saying, if you are wrong, shout and scream and lash out until you are right. This will help driveway all those annoying helpful people who would try to give you advise, when obviously your way has been and always will work best.
  2. Lust. This can be a lust for just about anything at the exclusion of the feelings and well being of ours. To truly excel at this you must become practiced at the art of manipulation. Whether you default to the use of trickery, theft, or intimidation, you will be on the right road to stupid town if you choose to disregard the value of others on the way towards getting what you want. What you want may vary depending on circumstance. It could be physical gratification, money, success, materialism, or popularity. The what is really not what is all about. It is all about you.
  3. Lackeys. Every good and proper fool needs at least one of these. It is important that you find someone that will always tell you what you want to here. If something goes wrong, it is the Lackey’s job to point out why it is someone else’s fault. The Lackey also serves an important function of giving fake advise, which is amazingly always what you want to hear. If the lackey is doing his job correctly you should always have someone cheering you on all the way to your own demise.

It is time to make the point here. If you are going to wise you need to be humble, generous (and selfless), and seek wise counsel.

God Bless you,

Pastor Mike

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