03/26/2017 – Encountering Jesus – Making Me New

Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Summary:┬áJohn 4:3-27 She thought it was just a chance encounter, a stranger sitting at a well, but little did she know that her life was about to forever be changed as she encountered Jesus and He spoke to her true need. It was chance encounter by her planning. It was a divine appoint in Jesus’ grand design.


03/23/2014 Christ of the Harvest

John 4 Christ of the Harvest

We spend our time looking at the interaction between Jesus and the woman at the well. After Jesus’ discourse with the woman Jesus tells His disciples to look and harvest is ripe. We need the heart of Jesus for the lost no matter where or how we find them. We need to take the Lord’s promise of a harvest seriously.


Sermon Delivered 3/23/2014
At Full Gospel Mission Church
During the Sunday Morning Worship
By Pastor Mike