05/14/2017 – A New Heart of Love- Making Me New

Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Summary: 1 Corinthians 13
Happy Mother’s day. We get a glimpse of God’s love towards us in the love of a mother for her children. Love is not a thing in the Christian life, it is the main thing. It for the love of God we serve and obey. We best demonstrate the work of salvation when we walk out love towards others. With no respect or prejudice, but a heart felt desire to see those around us prosper in every aspect of their lives. Love always views others in the context of the possibilities of God’s work of grace.
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05/08/2016 Pressing for Deliverance

Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Summary:¬†Matthew 15:21-28 On this Mother’s day we are looking at a powerful example of a mother’s love and faith that transcended every barrier between her and deliverance for her daughter. She did not come with a privileged back ground, nor was she encouraged to press on, yet she preserved in spite of everything to become a shining example that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.


05/11/2014 – Mother’s If God is For You

Romans 8

If God is for you who can be against you. Motherhood and being a woman of God has really fallen under attack in recent years. There is an attack going on against women telling them that they are not good enough. That motherhood is not a real job, or is not fulfilling. We do not need to take our queues from a lost world we need to take our queues from God. In Jesus we find our self worth and all the approval that we need. If God is for you who cares what anyone else has to say.


Sermon Delivered 5/11/2014
At Full Gospel Mission Church
During the Sunday Morning Worship
By Pastor Mike Larrabee