Sin, That is the Problem

by Pastor Mike | Special

01/22/2017 – Sin, That Is The Problem

Date: January 22nd, 2017
Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Stanley-Boyd, WI
Summary: Hebrews 12:1-2. We had some conversation and reflection about the riot protesting that is going on around the country right now. The root of the problem is sin and the solution is Jesus. It is time the church stands up without compromise. The true church cannot be bought because she has already been sold. Jesus paid in full, we are bought in full, we ought to live in full.

The Church has the answer, the only answer that can truly address the chaos in the world around about us. We may think politics or social programs will make the difference, but all these efforts will fall short if the root of the issue is not addressed. Smart men can be evil men, infact those with the greatest means have caused the most harm throughout history. We have more technology than we have ever had. We have the best medicine in the history of humanity. We have greater means of food production, but yet suffering presists, violence has reached greater potential. The bombs get bigger and smarter.

We have a Gospel. We have the Spirit of the Living God, Everything we need to change the world is at our finger tips. It is time to be the agents of change that this world so desperately needs.