Taking the Mountain

by Pastor Mike | Joshua - A Journey of Faith

02/26/2017 – Taking The Mountain – A Journey of Faith

Date: February 26th 2017
Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Series: Joshua – A Journey of Faith

Summary: Joshua 14. You need only to hold a suffering hand, console a weaping mother or a broken father. You only need to look around to see there is something very wrong with this world.

Where is the answer?

Who will hear?

God has answered, His church is the answer. We are called to bear His image, to lift up His standard.
We are bearers of the light, saturated by the light. Ever burning, never dimming, our place is not the valley.
To the mountains we are born, the city on a hill.

Forty five years ago Caleb had received a promise. Now is the time for him to collect. He had been promised his pick of the new promise land. Caleb chooses the mountains, to take the fortified cities, and face the giants.