At the Crossroads

by Pastor Mike | Joshua - A Journey of Faith

03/05/2017 – At the Crossroads – A Journey of Faith

Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Date: March 5th 2017
Series: Joshua – A Journey of Faith
Summary:¬†Joshua 24. We come to the end of Joshua’s life and he has gathered the people one last time. He desires to get one last commitment out of the people before his life’s struggle comes to a close.
He reminds the people of where God has brought them from, and what He rescued them out of. He point to the victories that God has won on their behalf. And reminds them and just as He reminds us to fear the Lord and serve Him.

We are at the end of our series and you need to decide what you are going do for your own sake. Will you take this journey? Will you walk this sacred path with Jesus?