Sermon Overview

Date: September 3rd 2017
Speaker: Pastor Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Church Stanley-Boyd WI
Series: Heritage Series
Scripture: Acts 15:36-41

Summary: The church is made of people and people are less than perfect. Even Christians do not alway behave as they ought to every circumstance. As a result conflicts and disagreements do arise within the church. We are called to love one another through the conflicts and disagreements and find a way forward.

No one is above being wrong, no one. We look at a time in the life of Paul when he takes a stiff necked attitude towards someone that needed mercy, as a result a friendship is damaged and two men end up parting ways.

But the Gospel goes on and God gains two missionary trips out of even the conflict of those in who ought to be in one accord. And God doesn’t write these people off. Instead we see God continues to use Paul and God restores a failed missionary because of the hard headed mercy shown by Barnabas (the son of encouragment).

Heritage Series

We are journeying through the Book of Acts on mission to discover our Heritage as the Church of Jesus Christ. We see God use men and women in powerful ways, not because they are so grand, but because God is such a capable Savior. God recues the unreachable, and loves the untouchables, and moves the unmovable.

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