Declaration of Dependence

Declaration of Dependence

by Pastor Mike | The Heritage Series

Sermon Overview

Date: July 2nd 2017
Speaker: Michael Larrabee
Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:7-19
Summary: We have a desperate need that cannot be fulfilled by those around around us. There is something with the heart that whispers of to us of a time of true security and safety. Some will look within, only to find that we are are weak. Some will look outside to things and find vanity, while others will place the burden of fulfilment on those around them crushing loved ones under the weight of our soul’s longing desire. Only God is large enough to fulfill our hearts place of purpose. We have been designed to be in the loving communion with our Creator.

Sin has driven the wedge between us and our place of soul safety and robbed us from the position of contentment. But then enters Jesus to make a way in the dry wilderness, as the Captain of our Salvation to bring water to dry place within. He offers rest and peace for today in His loving embrace. We must never get so busy we forget our dependence on the Lord Jesus. He is our source, our strength, and our salvation. 

Heritage Series

We looking at our heritage as the Church today, by exploring the Church of yesterday. God isn’t done with this story, infact we are the next chapter, if we are His and He is ours. This is a proud Heritage we have been invited to participate in, but will you heed the invitation? Will you enter in the rest that He has prepared?