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are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?

Believing Means Behaving

No matter what stage of life we are in, every believer needs to understand the link between the faith that we profess and the lifestyle that should characterize us. The challenge isn't to blend in with the culture, but by our distinctiveness, to adorn the gospel. In...

He Will Reign Forever

In the world, there have been many rulers who have promised us an everlasting reign of peace, but there is only one who prevails. In this message, Alistair takes us on a journey through the Bible which leads to the throne of the king who will reign forever.

After Darkness, Light – Alistair Begg

This sermon by Alistair Begg concerns the impossibility of making ourselves justified with God through our own effort, and presents the substitutionary death of Jesus on our behalf as a glorious light and the only means of our justification before God.