Some Words On A Thankful Heart

Sermon Overview

Date: November 18th, 2018
Speaker: Pastor Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Stanley-Boyd, WI
Series: [Stand Alone Message]
Scripture: Ephesians 5:20

Summary: The Bibles us some powerful, life changing commands that if we embrace it will revolutionized your life. One such command is to give thanks to God in everything and for everything. Though we will find this impossible some circumstances that we encounter in life, this should not dissuade us. The Holy Spirit is ever present to make what was impossible, possible and to move your heart where it could never go before.

If you have experienced failure do not discouraged and don’t run from God. God’s love is the constant within the Christian walk and the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross is a finished work. You can add to it and you can take away from it. Today is your new day. Today is your oppertunity to glorify Jesus where ever you, to whom ever you meet, and what ever you face.