Sermon Overview

Date: September 17th, 2017
Speaker: Pastor Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Stanley-Boyd, WI
Series: Heritage Series
Scripture: Acts 17:5-11

Summary: The world is willing to turn a blind eye to the Gospel and most believe in “a God”, or look to a “higher power”. But the Gospel was never about “a god” or some impersonal higher power. It is about the Lord Jesus Christ, the one true God, creator of all things, who’s soul soul was made an offering of sin, not just any old sin, but your sin.

When the Gospel come in power the world takes notice and often it results in hostilities towards the witness. Because Jesus makes a difference. No one truly encounters Jesus walks away the same when the “Unknown God” becomes known some will rage while others are set free.

Join us next week as we finish this message as Paul preaches to a crowd ignorant in their intelligence. Some will find new life, some will not. But the question of the day is, “Will you be changed?”

Heritage Series

This is sermon fourteen in the series. The Heritage Series is a study of where the church has come from. If you are His this is your Heritage. You are invited to be part of this story, the story of Jesus in the lives of men and women saved by His grace. The church is the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus in the world today. If you have given your life to Him, you are the move of God.

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