Trusting God with the Whole

Sermon Overview

Date: May 12th, 2019
Speaker: Pastor Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Stanley-Boyd, WI
Series: [Stand Alone Message]
Scripture: 1 Samuel 1, John 9, Romans 8:35-39

Summary: Hannah prayed and recieved an answer. She cried out without reservation and could not driven away even by a silly priest. She fulfilled her vows to God to the best of her ability giving us a great example of how we are to approach God.

But what do we do before the answer? What do we do when God delays? You can trust God in the middle of the storms. The steps of the rightous are ordered by the Lord. The trials that believers face are not a mistake. God is good and you can trust Him even when your heart aches. 

God will not waste your tears. There is purpose in the waiting. There is meaning even in the pain.