Turning Point

Sermon Overview

Date: July 23rd 2017
Series: Heritage Series
Speaker: Pastor Michael Larrabee
Location: Full Gospel Mission Church Stanley-Boyd, WI
Scripture: [biblegateway passage=”Acts 9:1-19″]

Summary: In a moment God changes everything. Saul was an angry, violent man seeking to destory everything that was Christian. He set out on a mission to bring an end to the Church in Damascus, but along the way he had an unexpected enounter. He met Jesus and was knocked of a course of death and destruction that would end in his eventual ruin. But Jesus rescues, even those who oppose Him, who have sent themselves against the Gospel.

In that moment he discovered everything that he had was about was wrong. In that moment he goes from enemy number of the Chruch of Christ to number one proponent. His life was changed. The world was changed. The course of history was changed, because Jesus met a man on a road riding a donkey. He ran into a turning point.

Heritage Series

Join us as we make our way through the book Acts as we discover the our Heritage as the Church of Christ. We are the body of Jesus Christ, His hands and feet in this world.

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